Special Parts

Inox Renier offers custom solutions, developing projects that meet the requirements of construction and assembly of each individual customer.
Our special parts, manufactured both on drawing and on technical specifications, are used in the most different industrial areas, designed and produced for the most difficult applications and for the most critical conditions.
To guarantee the high quality free of defects, the high precision of our finished products, the professional execution of every manufacturing step and last but not least the deliveries always in time, we can provide references of some our consolidated and highly esteemed customers, upon request.
Our production includes turned items and forged items (from cold or hot deformation of raw material).

Turned products

Inox Renier has a full fleet of CNC machines able to produce articles of any kind of geometric shape and precision grade. The production department includes automatic slinding head and fixed head lathes, multi-spindle, transfer, grinding centreless, rolling, drilling and broaching machines.
All the machinery and all the equipment are among the most sophisticated and innovative, steady updated in order to achieve top quality and reliability. Each production stage is monitored from our quality department to ensure the highest precision and conformity in deliveries.
An efficient washing system in closed-circuit solvent can guarantee the perfect cleaning of our products and the complete elimination of machinery residues. All the raw materials usued for the production are exclusively of first choice, each incoming lot is certified and guaranteed in terms of size, chemical and mechanical properties.
We work mainly ferritic, austenitic, martensitic Stainless Steel, Alloys, Superalloys, Titanium, automatic Steels, case-hardening and tempering Steels, Brass, Alluminium.
On our parts we can offer different galvanic and heat treatments, including zinc plating, nickel plating, burnishing, tempering and case-hardening.

Forged products

The range of our feasible products is the result of our experience since 1970 in the production and sale of special parts both on drawing and on customer specifications. The forging department boasts modern equipment and technology, fully automated for manufacturing of hot and cold forging products from bar and wire rode. We have broaching, pressing, forging multistation, rolling, bending, corver machines for the production of pieces of each size, material and class.
The raw material used for the production is only of first quality and includes ferritic, austenitic, martensitic Stainless Steel, Alloys, Superalloys, each incoming lot is strictly inspected, certified and guaranteed.
On our parts we can make different treatments such as passivation, polishing, burnishing, dry lubrification, anti-seizure, galvanizing, self-locking and sealant insert. Our modern control room and our strict quality process can absolutely guarantee the conformity in each supply, quality and reliability

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